I showed my doctor doctor Lippe my Meditations on the Torah

who else did I show kinda?

I arrived (30 minutes) early to my hearing

(on Broadway) in Jericho.
A woman (who I had never met before) said, “Mr. Golden?”
I said, “yes.”
She said, “I’m your attorney.”
I said, “okay.”
She said, “the judge is waiting for you.”
I said, “I’m 30 minutes early.”
She said, “the judge is waiting for you.”
I said, “why? I’m 30 minutes early.”
She said, “go see the security guard.”
The security guard said, “put your (3) books down.”
The security guard said, “I need to see your ID.”
The security guard said, “I have to check you (for a weapon?).”
The security guard said, “go in (through the door).”
My attorney said, “before we see the judge go in here (another room).”
In the room was a table, 2 chairs and a laptop (was the laptop on?)
My attorney said, “sit.”
My attorney said, “put your (3) books down.”
My attorney said, “let’s (talk) go over your case.”
I started talking and she grabbed my
(3) books and rammed Them into her tote bag.
I said, “what are you doing?”
She said, “we don’t want the judge to see These.”
I said, “I do!”
I said, “I walked in here with These (3) books.”
I said, “I’m walking out of here with These (3) books.”
I said, “give me back my (3) books.”
She reached in to her tote bag and pulled out my (3) books.
She put my (3) books (right next to the laptop) on the Table .
She said, “let’s go see the judge.”
I kept thinking, “was that laptop on?”
We walked in to the hearing room and the judge was looking into a laptop.
I thought, “was that judge watching me?”
When the judge started speaking he said, “your attorney is excellent.”
I thought, “do you know my attorney?”
I thought, “do you know what she did (in there) to me [HE HE HE]?
Q: what were Those (3) books?
A: Great Jewish Women, Great Rabbis, The Torah
Q: What Words were peeking out (no lie) from The Top of The Torah?
A: G-D’S Two Part Plan for man (nunc)



Fact: my Social Security Disability request was denied (so sad and how silly).



3rd Floor

375 North Broadway

Jericho, NY 11753


‘’And the Walls Came Tumbling Down,’’








doesn’t it seem like the 3 branches of government are waiting
to embarrass the haughty and the naughty?

Dear ABA, if 51% of Touro Law Center students failed the July bar exam
then why are 8 non-attorneys (Goivernor Cuomo appointed) examining and rescinding NYS WCALJudges’ decisions?


don’t be an America hog
don’t be a God hog
— Tim Golden • 3 years ago

don’t be a job hog


JESUS spanking goiliath (goivernment) site:medium.com at DuckDuckGo


“It’s High Noon!” and “It’s T Time!”


sip! sip! [drink God’s T orah]

or else

my doctor said, “investigators come in here and show us our patients/claimants doing things they shouldn’t be capable of doing.” So (like magic) I showed my doctor doctor Lippe God’s Mail:
Any contact with the claimant’s doctor (health care provider), however, must not violate Section 13-a (6) of the WCL


chew! chew! [eat God’s Mail]


do! do! [exorcise (right wrongs)]



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did FBI tell pOTUS and COTUS and SCOTUS about EEOCgate and OSHAgate and Debtgate and Breathalyzergate and Shot Putgate and Heightgate yet?